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Organic meals at home for a reasonable price

Published by Arnold Page in Food and fitness · 2/11/2015 10:05:00
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This week's blog is basically an advertisement for organic meals provided by a company called Gousto.

You can choose choose meals for two, three or four days at a time for delivery the following week, from a choice of ten different recipes which are changed each week. All the ingredients you need are delivered to your door packaged in the correct quantities so there's no weighing and no waste, together with recipe cards for the meal you have chosen.

As you can guess, such meals are fairly expensive - from £3.75 per serving to £6.87 per serving, depending on how much you order. Each meal also takes at least 45 minutes to prepare, in spite of what the recipe cards claim.

However Ann and I have found ways to reduce both the cost and the preparation time. We have found that the quantities provided are more than we want to eat, so we order quantities for four servings and make them do for six servings. We cook the complete meal, eat two servings fresh and freeze the remaining four for use in subseqent weeks. That way we reduce the cost per meal by a third and reduce the average preparation time per meal from 45 minutes to about 25 minutes, allowing for reheating from frozen. This makes the price and preparation time much more reasonable.

Furthermore, if you quote the discount code ARNOL56717 on your first order you will receive a £25 discount. (I'd better tell you that I will also receive a £15 discount for recommending Gousto to you.) If you cook for two as we do and you place an order for three different recipes for four servings each and make them last for six servings, then with the £20 discount you will pay only £1.78 per serving. When a single trout fillet costs £2, the ingredients for a complete organic gourmet main course delivered to your door at that price has to be a bargain. In fact if you order four different recipes instead of three the price per serving done like this will come down to only £1.67! And you don't have to order anything again from Gousto if you don't want to. Finally, I believe that if you order the same amount of meals for four weeks you get the fourth week free.

So if you want to try something special, perhaps for a special occasion or because you are planning to do some entertaining, why not give Gousto a try? Their website is https://www.gousto.co.uk. Have a look at it now. You can't lose!

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