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Recipe: Cottage pie

Published by Arnold Page in Recipes · 26/10/2015 09:00:00
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Hob and oven recipe
In a cottage pie you can use up food left over from the previous day – cooked vegetables, or the minced remains of a roast joint of meat. If you make this cottage pie properly, no one will be able to say that he can taste the plaster and wallpaper in it!
Preparation time:                40 minutes
Additional cooking time:       25 minutes
Servings:                             4
3 medium potatoes
2 carrots
¼ cabbage or ¼ marrow
2 tsp oil
400 gm minced beef
1 onion
1 beef stock cube
250 ml boiling water
1 tbl plain flour, preferably wholemeal
1 tbl tomato puree or tomato ketchup
1 tbl Worcester sauce
salt and pepper
1 tbl or 15 gm butter
  • Peel the potatoes if necessary and cut them into chunks. Cover them with cold water in a saucepan, add salt, bring them to the boil and simmer for 20 minutes.
  • Top, tail and scrape the carrots as necessary, then slice them up. Put them in enough water to cover them in the base of a steamer and bring it to the boil.
  • Wash and shred the cabbage; or peel, core and slice the marrow. Add it to the steaming part of the steamer.
  • Pre-heat the oven to 180 oC.
  • Brown the meat in the oil in a large frying pan for a few minutes, then turn it over and brown the other side for a few more minutes.
  • Meanwhile top, tail, skin and slice the onion.
  • Crumble the stock cube and dissolve it in the 250 ml of boiling water in a very large saucepan.
  • Transfer the meat to the large saucepan, leaving the oil in the pan. Bring it back to the boil and leave it to simmer.
  • Fry the onion slices gently for two or three minutes, turn them over and fry them for a further two or three minutes.
  • Meanwhile stir the flour, tomato puree or ketchup, Worcester sauce and seasonings into the meat.
  • When the onions are cooked add them to the saucepan.
  • When the potatoes have cooked for 20 minutes, mash them with the butter in a saucepan. Don’t compact the mash.
  • Drain the carrots and the cabbage or marrow and stir them into the meat saucepan. Then pour the contents into a large (2 pint or 1200 ml) pie dish.
  • Spread the crumbled potato over the top and bake for 25 minutes on a baking tray until the potato is golden brown.
  • To make the top look even tastier sprinkle some grated cheese onto the potato.
  • Alternatively mix the cooked cabbage with the mashed potato before spreading it over the rest of the ingredients.
  • Serve with peas.

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