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My book, 'Twenty-First Century Nutrition and Family Health', arose from my work on cookery software and from several diet-related illnesses in our family. Captain Cook's Tuck Box is a unique cookery teaching software program for children that was approved by a government quango for use in schools. It is still available, and a home edition can be obtained here. As for my family, my brother-in-law suffered a fatal heart attack at the age of only 40, and for thirteen years my wife was on medication for Type 2 diabetes until this was eventually cured after two years on the diet I recommend in the book. Those events, and struggles with weight among other family members, led me to investigate the real causes of the current national epidemics of diet-related diseases, which were virtually non-existent when I was a child 70 years ago.

I believe that my former work in engineering research has enabled me to look objectively at the facts relating to diet and health, without automatically accepting as true everything that the government, health-related organizations and food manufacturers would have us believe. My additional experience as a Methodist preacher and a lecturer in the use of timber in construction has given me practice in presenting important facts clearly and in an interesting way. I truly believe that families should put into practice all the advice I have given, because to ignore it will inevitably lead to health problems in one form or another, and physical health is our most important possession this side of eternity.

I am a member of the Nutrition Society, the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, and the Institute of Wood Science. I support the Woodland Trust, the Soil Association, and several Christian charities.

My next book will be a 'family friendly' version of Twenty-First Century Nutrition and Family Health.
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